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Akeneo PIM – Magento2: Rest API Integration

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You can watch video demo here: https://youtu.be/YmSQ5FDjhmk

With Pim2Magento you can import from Akeneo PIM to Magento2:

  1. Categories

  2. Families

  3. Attributes and their Options

  4. Products: simple and configurables 

  5. Media data

Last but not least 

  • Localisation is supported

  • Only changed data on Akeneo side will be send to Magento during update

You don’t need any extensions on Magento side!

When we’ve started to work on our Pim2Magento integration, we’ve defined next main requirements for ourselves:

  1. Stability & Reliability. The issue of data quality exists throughout the life of any data integration system. So the integration should transfer data in efficient and sustainable way. User should have possibility to see the results of data transfer in real time. If something happened during data transferring, user should see why, when & where (Magento or Akeneo PIM) it happened.

  2. Scalability. The integration should handle large and probably complicated data sets.

  3. Independence. Dependencies between both applications should be minimized, so that each can evolve without causing problems to the other. For example, if we customize Magento (install new extensions, develop additions functionality, etc) integration should continue to work.

  4. Frequent data update. If you need to change your catalog data frequently in PIM, you need a reliable way to transfer them to Magento. Sometimes lack of frequent synchronization can be a disaster.

As a first step to achieve described goal we have decided to create Akeneo PIM bundle (Pim2Magento) which connects to Magento2 via REST API. The benefits of using RESTful Architecture:

  • RESTful as lightweight Web Services. The RESTful architecture can be considered as a reaction to more heavy SOAP based architectural standards. The main emphasis in REST based Web Services in simple point to point communication.

  • Simplicity. The uniform interface in REST architectural style is simple.

  • Scalability. Because as there are no conversational states between clients and servers, the RESTful architecture can be used to scale the services very wide by additional server nodes.

  • Reliability. The REST is very reliable because the whole system does not fail even if there are errors during communications between components.

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