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Developing Maxpay Module for Magento 1.9

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Dinarys – Digital commerce excellence provider

Maxpay is an intelligent payment and billing solution for international businesses and online merchants of any type and scale. Maxpay is designed to manage credit card payments from around the world. Easily integrated, compatible with any devices and currencies, it is one of the best payment solutions which helps businesses to grow globally. The company works internationally with the largest acquirer banks in Europe, USA, Canada, Great Britain and Asia. Maxpay has their PCI DSS 1 certification and is an official partner of Qualis and Ethoca, leaders in data security and anti-fraud protection. Maxpay is a global player, with a strong presence in Western Europe and Germany. 
Dynaris made Maxpay available for all Magento users through the development of a dedicated plugin, which seamlessly integrates secure payment processing directly with e-commerce store.

The challenge

When working with any payment gateways, fast and secure transactions processing applications are a must. If payment is not properly processed, all of the marketing effort used to drive a prospect to checkout is effectively wasted. On top of that user and brand experience are significantly devalued.

From technical standpoint it is essential to ensure security for any data transfer procedures.


How the solution works

Maxpay Module for Magento 1.9 is available on GitHub It takes 3 steps to integrate with Magento via this plugin:

  • Step 1 Integrate the library (to download plug-ins please click for Magento)

  • Step 2 Register at Maxpay.com

  • Step 3 Payments are ready to be processed



  • Copy all files to {site root directory}/

  • Login to admin interface

  • Navigate to menu “System” -> “Configuration”

  • Open tab “Payment methods”

  • Choose Maxpay

  • Enable module


Effectively no software development skills are required for the setup.

Dinarys developed plugin front-end integrations, configuration options: layout and design the payment flow to match website design.

Magento extension development had been an integral part of Maxpay’s expansion alongside with APIs, plugins and modules for other ecommerce platforms developed by Dinarys.

“Dinarys helped Maxpay to reach out to important audience: online merchants built their stores at major ecommerce platforms. Aside from developing plugins for our billing solution, with Dinarys team support we crafted the product and tailored it to specific ecommerce markets.” –..Artiom Tymoshenko, CEO Maxpay.

Dinarys develops on-demand Magento extensions amplifying online store functionality and adding value to the business. Amid the specific requirements, the modules present a stand-alone functionality and can be further used at any Magento online store seamlessly. Certified team adheres to the highest technology standards and delivers universal Magento extensions. Dinarys architectures solutions which add value to the business through digital commerce.

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