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Divante: Solar Case Study

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Solar is a premium fashion brand established in 1989, producing 1.3 million garments per year. Solar has 74 of its own retail stores, 19 franchise outlets and 76 partner stores in Poland, as well as 4 franchise outlets located in Germany and Luxembourg. The brand started online sales via the company website in 2012.

The decision to change the platform and migrate the store to Magento 2 was taken together with customers in response to growing customer expectations and market trends. The previous solution had not followed the dynamic expansion of the brand – the technology began to limit the platform’s development and new implementations as well as Solar’s business goals.


The first and the most difficult stage of the implementation was the integration with the ERP system at the client’s end. In the area of procurement and products, it is a two-sided integration. At the same time, Divante started to implement specific features into the application.


What are the results?
  • implementation of a fully responsive version of the store

  • launching the store along with the introduction of a new collection

  • number of sessions increased in the mobile channel by 21%

  • revenue growth in the mobile channel by 237%

  • number of transactions increased in the mobile channel by 483%​


Solar has become a Magento Imagine Excellence Award Finalist for The Best New Implementation of Magento 2 Store in 2017.


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