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Special is a retail store located in Milan, northern Italy. The store specializes in streetwear shoes and accessories of the best international brands. To their customers, they offer exclusive products, often impossible to find in any other shop in Italy. Since 2010, they have offered their products to online customers via the Magento 1 platform. Now, they have decided to move to Magento2 and test the Vue storefront.

Special has only a simple and size configurable product catalog. It consists of 10,308 items in total. The Bitbull team (official partner of VueStorefront), started to work on the platform around 2 months ago. Their goal was to restyle and to replatform the online store. They worked for 2-3 days a week, having only 2 people at the time. Now, they are about to end their work. How did they achieve that?


The idea was to go live with a minimum set of functionalities, and then improve. They built the store upon the Magento 2 platform on the backend, and connected it to a customizable front-end for progressive web apps – Vue Storefront.​


“Anyone who worked with me on the project told me that Vue Storefront is very easy to learn and super fun ;)” – Irene Iaccio, BitBull​


The store’s checkout and the CMS blocks were left on Magento 2. There is just a small component that takes, via a GET call, the HTML of the blocks from the Magento platform and puts them in Vue Storefront.​


“Leveraging Vue Storefront for the development of the project frontend, we’ve seen unprecedented development speed. In Vue Storefront, we have found the missing piece that let us apply Lean principles on this eCommerce project. I’m sure that even big enterprise projects will truly benefit from this approach and will be able to direct our efforts towards business goals, not the tools to achieve them.” – Gennaro Vietri – CTO of Bitbull​


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