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Divante: TIM Case Study

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TIM SA is the biggest electro-technical goods distributor in Europe. The company has 25 years of experience on the market and it’s been on stock market for nearly 17 years. At this moment, TIM has over 170,000 products in warehouses.

We were responsible for the whole digital transformation of TIM - from the analysis to the implementation and SLA. During the project we:

  • conducted customer research (field research, competitors analysis, analytics review, surveys, benchmarking and trend analysis, industry reports etc., contextual enquiry)

  • created personas

  • designed the whole system (workshops, prototyping - paper and interactive prototypes - mock-ups, user testing, graphic design)

  • chose Magento as the technology

  • enriched TIM.pl with B2B features i.e. dynamic offer, expanded cart

  • designed the Omnichannel Open Architecture

  • did the CRM integration

  • made many improvements that affected scalability and performance

  • conducted functional, integration, safety and performance tests

  • provided SLA



  • increase in sales through the online channel from 0% to 78% (since Divante and TIM started cooperation in 2011)


IN 2016:

  • 21% increase in sales through the online channel in 2016 (compared to 2015)

  • almost 144,000,000 EUR revenue (including 100,000,000 EUR revenue from online channels)​


More about TIM Case Study: https://clients.divante.co/tim-digital-transformation-case-study/

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