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Flagbit: Laboratoire Biosthétique

Partnership level

La Biosthétique is a producer and reseller of beauty products such as haircare, styling, skin and body care and make up with several partner salons all over the globe.

The Culture Of Total Beauty – this philosophy does not just require an online shop to sell wellness products for hair and body. It requires a platform that combines an exclusive design and an outstanding technological background to create a seamless brand experience.  A platform that is both – alive and beautiful! To achieve these goals Flagbit created a functional online shop that empowers La Biosthétique to be present on international markets and provide customers with an exceptional brand experience.


La Biosthétique B2C

Combining Magento Enterprise Edition and TYPO3 CMS the B2C Online Shop allows its editors to easily manage content with the CMS. To improve the performance of the shop Flagbit focused on the integration of a powerful caching to ensure fast loading so heaps of high quality pictures can be shown in no time. According to the styleguide of La Biosthétique the shop frontend was completely reworked and adjusted to the requirements of desktop and mobile commerce to present the products in an exclusive way and to provide a seamless customer experience.

After implementing the new multistore solution La Biosthétique was able enlarge their international scale and to expand successfully into Canadian, Australian markets etc.


La Biosthétique B2B

Flagbit also launched a B2B platform to facilitate ordering processes for business clients and the sales person. Ready for the age of mobile B2B commerce La Biosthétique sales managers can now use their tablet to place orders while negotiating with the clients. Clients have their own accounts but the sales manager can act as a super user, who can place the orders by using the client´s account, which improves the service considerably. The B2B Shop can also present customer-specific pricing terms, which are transferred from the physical world into the online shop.

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