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Reinventing the wheel together with Project 42

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Project 42 offers the most disruptive form of personal transportation – individual Electric vehicles. Their single and twin-wheel devices are both maneuverable and energy efficient for personal transportation or leisure. It truly is an expression of life reimagined. The innovative motorised wheels are stabilised by gyroscopic technology and controlled by body gestures and movements. Project 42 offers a bespoke quality of both software and finishing materials. The product range is limited to electric wheels, electric unicycles, electric scooters, skateboards, Segways, hoverboards and a satellite gear. 


Project42 is a London-based group of businesses, presented in 11 countries, including Germany and Western Europe. Electric vehicles are designed and engineered in the UK. Migration from PrestaShop to Magento was the result of a dynamic business expansion: increasing number of concurrent users, exigency for new localizations, and product line development. Together with Project42, Dinarys pursued the following objectives:


  1. Smooth ecommerce engine migration from Presta Shop to Magento Community edition

  2. 11 localizations, 10 languages, 5 currencies support and securing further scalability

  3. Leverage online business on a reasonable budget and time-frame

  4. Ensuring consistent customer experience across all devices and countries, visually and technically amplifying brand’s innovative nature.

  5. Global view of all inventory available in dispersed warehouses ensuring only available items are displayed

  6. Seamless third-party systems integration: order management system and CRM

  7. In-house support and increments possibility

  8. Delivery time-frame: 2 months


Albeit challenging, this was a genuinely rewarding project, compelling the team to engineer optimal solutions from both – technical and business standpoints.


Challenge 1

Ecommerce engine migration from PrestaShop to Magento involved massive content volume transfer. The objective was to retain the previous URL-structure which would mitigate positions loss in search engines. The team has re-coded a routing module enabling smooth migration without substantial positions losses.


Challenge 2

Due to client’s dispersed warehouse’s locations, continuous stock updates had been obstructed and bookkeeping was biased. Dinarys have integrated all warehouses inventory with the online store, enabling instant/ongoing stock actualization and online display.


Accumulates data from all warehouses in a designated location. Then the custom module updates stock status and inventory in Magento backend system. In case the item is out of stock, module disables the item on the web-site.


Challenge 3

Adapting content blocks and CMS-pages to a screen-type: mobile, desktop and tablet. The team implemented change in both – website front-end and backend. Created a responsive design delivering a seamless customer experience. In ecommerce backend, product management pages were customized to accommodate better cross-device performance. Specifically, additional content blocks were added for mobile and tablet screens. When displayed on the front end, the module checks device type and renders the blocks. For the desktop version, it takes a default value. This approach has enabled conversion increase on mobile devices up to 24%. Taken an audience profile, mobile traffic represents a significant share, thus smartphone shopping experience is of a major importance.


The implemented changes effectively resulted in:

  • Decrease in order fulfillment time

  • Average order value growth

  • Conversion on mobile devices growth


Dinarys's approach to ecommerce revolves around a positive impact on business-critical metrics. As a Digital commerce excellence partner, we tackle technology to take client’s business to the next level. Dinarys harnesses design thinking tactics and the Agile approach to software development.

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