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Magento agency and Meet Magento Association partner Tudock developed a Magento module for visual merchandising.

The Magento 1 module was originally developed for Pinkmilk, a shop specializing on dinnerware, decoration and home accessories with a Scandinavian touch. Using the module, shop managers can easily create landing pages, image navigation or marketing banners which include product quick views. This option offers the much valued inspiration for online buyers as the products are displayed in their surroundings and thus giving examples of the product’s purpose to use.

How does “Shop the Look” work?
The Magento module developed by Tudock is category based. In the backend you will find a new tab for your existing categories. There you can choose images and texts for your new landing page without altering the original category page. For better compatibility Tudock refrained from implementing JavaScript libraries. “Shop the Look” follows responsive design principles and has two main functions:

1. Linking visual markers with products
Shop managers can place spots on uploaded pictures and drag them for positioning. Every spot can be combined with a product from the chosen category (see Figure 1 below).

The spots are displayed as part of the picture in the shop frontend. If a visitor’s cursor hovers over the spot, the product’s quick view will pop up presenting product details and buying options (“Add to basket”, see Figure 2).

2. Linking picture sections with URLs
Instead of choosing just a spot, shop managers can also map picture sections of entire images to URLs and products. This works by selecting any amount of sections and spots with the cursor and then again dragging them for positioning. Next, the shop manager chooses an URL and title for each section. The title will be shown whenever a visitor hovers over the defined area in the frontend.

“Shop the Look” provides shop managers with the opportunity to create visual campaigns, image based navigations (fig. 3) and landing pages for categories without programming skills. If you’re interested in the module or if you have any questions about it, please feel free to get in touch with Tudock.

Tudock is based in Hamburg, Germany, and develops successful Magento projects. Tudock is Bronze Partner of the Meet Magento Association.

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Figure 1: Configuring a spot which links to a product in the Magento backend
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Figure 2: Frontend product quick view on pinkmilk.de
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Figure 3: Image based navigation for the category “dishes” on pinkmilk.de

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