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Creativestyle has provided services to Sportnex, and therefore to the auction platform, already since 2010. The aim of the company with regard to the auction platform was to provide users of the new project with even more convenience and to create greater functional capabilities. The primary challenge presented by this project was to change and improve the existing sales platform with the use of the Magento Community Edition software. Because Magento is widely used to create online stores with large stocks of goods, the task was to adapt the system to the auction model. Due to the new Magento platform, it was possible to integrate the website into the existing DTP management system and the delivery management system. The purpose was to create a platform that would work on any device without any problems. It was necessary to launch a new system in which all current auctions and offers would be available online. Moreover, it was also necessary to test the procedure in respect of a real-time nature of the auction site. The great success of the auction platform enabled Sportnex to attract more clubs, products and customers. To this end, we have used the MultiStore solution, which allows new and non-standard platforms to be connected and adapted for auction purposes.


After the commencement of the project and initial discussions with the client, we set about creative designing and developing a mock-up. At the same time, functional designs were created. The purpose was to create a platform that would work on any device without any problems. Taking into account a real-time nature of auctions, we focused on the Mobile First concept and began developing a layout for smartphones. Then, we gradually introduced optimization for larger screens and resolution. As a result, we managed to create a fully customized Magento platform through which the auction system operates completely automatically. It was important for us to allow the target group – football fans – to participate in auctions everywhere, in any place, using a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers.


One of the developed and integrated features of the platform is an intelligent newsletter. The system traces the user’s behaviour on the website and enables an individual selection of newsletters. Owing to this solution, only the auctions that the user may find interesting, but which he or she has not seen yet are displayed. As a result, we achieve a sensational click-through rate amounting to 40%.


After a long and close cooperation, we managed to, among other things, integrate many new functionalities. Thanks to this, the platform is more attractive for clubs and customers. These functionalities included, for example, new auction types, a reserved price, a light signalling system, user-defined reports and joint accounts. With the use of iframe and API solutions, we created tools for integrated auctions on third-party websites. One of the subsequent functionalities will be to create the possibility of changing the currency with which customers pay for their final orders because sometimes customers buy products on the Arsenal platform and the German Bundesliga platform.


Interesting fact: The most expensive product sold on the platform so far was Mike Hanke’s T-shirt he wore during a match against Bayern Munich – the sale value of EUR 6,667.

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