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Pangoo is an international brand in the field of consumer electronics and Ecommerce incubator, originated from Tsinghua Tongfang (THTF). Through our global integration of resources, strong technology backed by Tsinghua University, and, Tsinghua Tongfang’s 28 years of incubation experiences, we are committed to creating Ecommerce Incubator platforms for qualified small and medium sized enterprises worldwide. Our joint ventures with our global strategic partners allows us to provide customized services to the businesses in the incubator, including but not limited to: integration of government relations, coordination of industrial and social resources to form a comprehensive platform of closed-loop ecological chain in the incubator to help the growth of the enterprises. In Pangoo Group Incubation Parks, profitability consists of service fees generated by our resources integration services and, for sure a fair amount of dividend shared by healthily grown enterprises in our incubator.

Pangoo Group Co., Ltd. is a group consisting of more than 100 companies, such as Pangoo real estate company, incubator company, financial service company in headquarter and in incubation industry parks all over China.

Pangoo Group Incubation Park is forming a benign ecosystem, so that the ecommerce companies in the incubator can accelerate development in this closed loop ecological chain.

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