Prove your local leadership in Magento Commerce

Local organizers are bringing Meet Magento into new markets all over the world.

Our conferences are focused on creating the perfect environment for merchants, developers, solution and technology providers and system integrators to meet and learn deeper skills, exchange more creative and inspiring ideas, and together build better e-commerce solutions.

Hosting conferences as Organizers establishes Magento agencies as leaders within their local ecommerce community and within the global Magento ecosystem.


The Meet Magento Association has a well established franchisee system, designed to make hosting a Meet Magento conference smooth, professional and enjoyable — you get to leverage other markets’ experiences and learnings, while at the same time enhancing your cooperation with Magento Inc.


Get in touch if you’d like to know how we can help you unleash the power of Meet Magento in your own community, or take a look at some of our amazing local organizers.

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