Join a worldwide movement to speed innovation at the Magento 2 core

Your knowledge and input can now help shape the face of the Magento platform of the future. Seize this opportunity to put your world-beating ecommerce technology ideas forward.

In a historical step, a team of leading Magento core architects has started this new form of community involvement to facilitate contributions. Meet Magento Association and its worldwide network of events is the first platform to provide Magento 2 developers with this revolutionary way to interact with the Magento development team.


Director of Community Engineering Max Yekaterynenko and his team will provide a Magento 2 intensive debugging workshop, starting with upcoming Meet Magento events. Workshop participants will receive advanced insight into Magento 2 diagnostics, and work side by side with Magento core architects to contribute to the Magento 2 core.


May 11, 2018

Frankfurt am Main, DE

May 16, 2018

Wroclaw, PL

Magento Contribution Day Wroclaw

Jun 15, 2018

Leipzig, DE

Magento Contribution Day Leipzig

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