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1st Magento Hackathon in Shenzhen

hack.magento( ) – NOW!

During Meet Magento Germany it was a rumor, but “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. Today we can announce our first three steps into the Chinese market.

  • Opening of the MMA office in Shenzhen at August 2017

  • Meet Magento China Shenzhen edition 2017 at the end of August 2017 (M17SZ)

  • Magento Hackathon on June 17 & 18 in Shenzhen


Shenzhen as an innovative and modern city will be the starting point for the MMA

While there will be soon more details about the MMA office and MM17SZ let us unveil the Magento hackathon in Shenzhen. The hackathon is part of the TechCrunch conference held in Shenzhen from June 17 to June 20.

It’s the first time a TechCrunch China event is going to take place in Shenzhen. For China in the last 4 years the conference – which is well known for it’s mix of top-quality speakers, innovative startups, investors and a high number of attendees – took place in Beijing and Shanghai. Introducing TechCrunch to Shenzhen means bringing it into – “the innovation capital of China”. As Meet Magento Association was getting involved in the local e-commerce market since 2014, we decided to attend this event to meet the local developers community together with Magento Commerce. Thus Meet Magento Association and Magento will represent together the international e-commerce world as well as the global Magento community.

Because we believe in open source and developer communities Meet Magento Association in cooperation with Magento Commerce is official partner of the TECHCRUNCH HACKATHON at June 17 and 18. Challenges and workshops for Magento are part of the hackathon. The Magento community engineering team together with Meet Magento will lead the Magento track of the hackathon. Overall more nearly 300 developers are expected to join the challenge.

The TechCrunch engagement is our first official step in engaging with Chinese software developers. Hackathons and developer focussed tracks will be part of all coming Meet Magento events in China. Opening our office in Shenzhen in August is a logical consequence to be in one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world, but also to work together with a huge crowd of high skilled software engineers. The developer community, which is an important and unique mark of Magento, is always growing and located around the globe. To involve into a super innovative and strong market like China, offers a great potential for Magento and the community. So let’s say “Nǐ hǎo” to everyone who wants to be part of the world’s leading e-commerce system.

Join us in Shenzhen. See you on June 17&18!

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