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Breaking: End of Magento 1.x Support Extended!

November 18, 2018 was marked as “End of Life” of Magento 1. Merchants, agencies and developers feared that date. While it got announced several times, yet there was no citable statement about it. As provider of the Localized Magento Edition based on Magento CE 1.9, we’re in touch with ten-thousands of M1 users around the globe. MMA is one of the main contact points for everyone around Magento shopsystem. And so we’re also receiving a lot of questions about the future of Magento 1 and how support can be guaranteed after its official “End of Life”. At all Meet Magento events during the last 6 months the future of Magento 1.x and the end of support have been focus topics in several talks with the ecosystem. We had the chance to work on them with most of the top supporters of Magento as well as with Magento executives, including CEO Mark Lavelle and VP Product Management Paul Boisvert.

Two days ago, Magento Inc. officially announced the postponing of the end of support for Magento 1 and claimed that it won’t end in the “foreseeable future”. Magento promised to announce end of life support at least 18 months in advance. With other words: M1 users have now an open end support for their shop system and will know 18 months in advance before it will run out.

After “community engineering” Magento underlines again their open source spirit. It’s a good move. Because the future is M2, M1 shops should know that support for M1 doesn’t mean that there will be innovation in M1. Magento points out the advantages of using Magento 2 just like site performance, better visibility of business results and improved omnichannel strategies. Furthermore, there are plenty of possibilities to get involved in the Magento 2 improvement and to get educated, e.g. on Magento Contribution Days on several Meet Magento events, Meet Magento educational programs or in Magento U courses.

For more information, please see the official announcement of Magento Commerce by Jason Woosley.

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