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Deep networking in China - 2018

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

There will always be a fortunate few who stumble across shortcuts into new markets.

For the rest of us, expanding our business across international borders is a journey that takes considerable time and effort, and entails a high degree of risk. We analyze from afar, make our best interpretations, begin foraying into exhibitions or trade shows, and assimilate our discoveries and learnings as we go.

But successful foreign ventures are always underpinned by partnerships with strong, trustworthy local business partners. Failures are a result of interacting with the wrong people, or with the right people in the wrong way — or sometimes simply not being in the right place at the right time.

So if we find good relationships, we succeed – and the faster we find them, the earlier our successes come.

It seems particularly challenging to develop such relationships in a market like China. One reason is the significant language barriers. But another is that it’s notoriously difficult for foreigners to find sufficient credible information to grow a true understanding of the Chinese marketplace, its particular dynamics and complex regulations.

So you can imagine how valuable it would be to be able to have a direct line into knowledge from an experienced and qualified Chinese expert.

You can imagine how reassuring it would be to be able to meet and establish close connections with such experts in an environment of mutual trust and sharing.

You can imagine what kinds of projects you could develop if you had access to their market knowledge, informed recommendations, and commercial advice.

You can probably also imagine how much more effectively, efficiently and confidently you could grow your venture in China if those experts were actively partnering and collaborating with you, rather than consulting at arm’s length.

Meet Magento’s paradigm of “contributing and sharing” is now extending into such a Chinese network through the “Gobi Entrepreneurs Camp” – a venture developed in cooperation with a famous Alumni network, “Road of Xuanzang”.

In part an outdoor leadership development forum, in part an Executive MBA competition, Road of Xuanzang has offered unique Gobi Desert experiences in a competitive, team-building atmosphere since 2009. More than 40,000 Chinese executives and entrepreneurs have participated in Gobi hikes and remain active in its alumni network.

Gobi Entrepreneurs Camp offers the only opportunity for non-Chinese to join this prestigious network.

The Gobi Entrepreneurs Camp is a three-level event. Level one focuses on team and community building while hiking on one of the most famous Silk Road routes in the Gobi. Level two facilitates the foundation of strong business relationships inside the alumni network by connecting participants with pre-selected enterprises and entrepreneurs. Level three is gaining membership within the alumni network.

Gobi Entrepreneurs Camp 2018: August 23-31

Part 1: August 23-26

Hiking on the Silk Road

Location: City of Dunhuang

Part 2: August 27-31

Meet Business - Join the Club

Location: Beijing

Attendees: 300 people, including our non-Chinese team

Profile: Executives and entrepreneurs

Process Part 2: Active matchmaking, pre-selected partners (pre-selection process starts before event).

This truly unique event will extend participants' networks into China. If you’re looking for help to shape your strategy or develop your business in Asia, then join us for this unparalleled op

portunity. 30 places are available, on a first come, first served basis.

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