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Meet Magento Association Interview: Anna-Maria Müller

Today in our team interview: Meet Anna, who is responsible for Marketing and the organization of Meet Magento Germany.

1. Please introduce yourself in about 3 sentences! My name is Anna and I´m 25 years old. About two months ago I finished my Masters in Business Studies with focus on Marketing and Trade. Since March this year I´m working with Meet Magento Association where I´m responsible for Marketing and the organization of Meet Magento Germany. Because of my passion for the Internet, Social Media and the Content Marketing “hype”, I was really infected during writing my Master thesis, I think the job is quite perfect for me.

2. Anna, choose four words which can best describe your daily working routine! Networking, Creativity, Fun, Harmony

3. What do you like about your job the most? I like the most that we parent a project from start to finish. Using the example Meet Magento Germany blog, there are many steps you have to go through: choosing a topic, writing the text, formulating a headline, building a header, putting it online, measuring success and so on. In big companies these tasks are allocated to different divisions. In my job I´m responsible for all those steps what means that I´m learning something new every day.

4. Remember: what was your career aspiration as a child? I remember that my dream was to open an own veterinary clinic together with a classmate. In fact I already had outlined a floorplan and had chosen the location for it.

5. What would be the worst thing about one day without any internet-ready device? I love Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on but I have to say that I´m not that addicted to it in my leasure time. It wouldn´t be a problem for me to renounce any internet-ready device for one day. The only problem I would have is to lose the possibility to reach my family and friends anytime & anywhere.

6. What is able to drive you up the wall (not only in your daily working routine)? It really annoys me when I get an email without any “hello”, “goodbye” or “have a nice day” for example.

7. What´s your favourite place in the new office? And what makes this place so special for you? I don´t have the one place I love the most. I like the whole harmonious and friendly atmosphere in our new office. You spend many hours per day in office, so it should be a well-balanced place for the team. We made that happen.

Anna´s Twitter profile: goldannamaria

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