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Meet Magento Association Interview: Jan Monosov

After Meet Magento Germany 2016 in Leipzig was a huge success let’s carry on with the rest of Meet Magento Association team interviews. Today we will keep a close eye on Jan, who is responsible for Member Management in Meet Magento Association.

1. Please introduce yourself in about 3 sentences! My name is Jan and I’m in my late twenties. I’m originally from Moscow and living for almost 12 years in Germany. Started my career as a student of architecture, changed and landed in the environment of start-ups for digitalization and growth. Strolling and exploring the city with my 2 rescued street dogs. I´m in charge of the partner management, digitial handshakes and high fives at the Meet Magento Association.

2. Jan, choose four words which can best describe your daily working routine! creative, ambitious, structured, curious

3. What do you like about your job the most? The things I like the most about my job are having a lot of responsibility within young age, working in a growing business with a special spirit and having a dynamic team that works together without any boundaries.

4. Remember: what was your career aspiration as a child? As a child I was inspired to become an underdog like the guys who protect poor people I saw in old Russian movies from the 80s. A little bit like Robin Hood but without wearing leggings. The spirit still remains.

5. What would be the worst thing about one day without any internet-ready device? Without having my connecting tool to my friends, I would miss the way of communication.

6. What is able to drive you up the wall (not only in your daily working routine)? If people pay less attention of formatting and style. You can easier become my friend, when the colors harmonize and something is not written in „Comic Sans“.

7. What´s your favourite place in the new office? And what makes this place so special for you? The balcony next to my desk is the most beautiful place in the whole office. It’s like a connection to the pulsating street life where you can let your thoughts fly away. Sometimes I need to think outside the box – it helps me to sharp the ideas.

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