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Meet Magento Association Interview: Lydia Schaffranek

Today Lydia, responsible for Member Management, Marketing and Sales, is facing up to the Meet Magento Association Team Interview.

1. Please introduce yourself in about 3 sentences! My name is Lydia, and I’m 25 years old. I began to work for Meet Magento Association in January 2016 after finishing my Master of Sociology and several internships. I’m now responsible for all sponsoring-related stuff of the Meet Magento DE as well as the marketing for the Association. I’m very happy to be a part of the community.

2. Lydia, choose four words which can best describe your daily working routine! Communication, Creativity, Networking and Community.

3. What do you like about your job the most? You live and learn. Everyday is different and everyday I’m learning something new. I notice how I’m growing with my tasks and that’s just great. Furthermore, I like the community spirit of Meet Magento and the possibility to engage yourself – for the benefit of all!

4. Remember: what was your career aspiration as a child? Something with horses or dogs, I guess. These were – and still are – my favorite animals. And as a girl, I sometimes just wanted to become a princess, of course.

5. What would be the worst thing about one day without any internet-ready device? I’m totally addicted to be always up-to-date, I have to admit. So my brain would starve for new information in this case. But sometimes I have to force myself to calm down and to enjoy the real life, and then I notice it’s not that bad. Real life is actually pretty good, even without filters. Where’s the LIKE-button?

6. What is able to drive you up the wall (not only in your daily working routine)? Grammatical errors. And people that are too relaxed to get anything done.

7. What´s your favourite place in the new office? And what makes this place so special for you? The best thing about our office is where it’s located. On the front, you have all the urban stuff: trams, cars, noise, people … and at the back, it’s the complete contrary. There is a canal with ducks, a lot of trees around it and it seems like you’re on the countryside. We even have a land – we could literally go by boat for lunch! The assuasive vibe of these windows is definitely what I like the most.

Lydia´s twitter profile: Lydia_Mond

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