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Meet Magento – Meet Ignacio!

We recently announced the appointment of our Vice President Ignacio Riesco, who will establish new frameworks and bring the Meet Magento spirit to new markets. Today, he’s introducing himself to the Meet Magento community.

Magento Imagine 2013, © Ignacio Riesco Martín

Recently I was appointed as VP of Meet Magento Association. I’m writing this blog post for those who don’t know who I am and what this new role means to me.  I also want to explain a couple of things about the Magento community, and how I see it now and in the near future.

I’ve been involved in the Magento Community for eight years, and I have to say that it’s one of the most satisfying activities in my life. I love to be surrounded by talented people, to listen, share stuff and learn from them.

Meet Magento Germany 2013, © Ignacio Riesco Martín

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the guy who’s last to leave the dance floor at most of the Magento events. I am a 43-year-old, proud Spanish citizen, who loves spending time with his family and friends, travelling, basketball, dancing, simracing and commerce. I love my company, Interactiv4, where I have the privilege of working with a team of excellent and very committed people. I have 18 years of experience developing and launching online shop projects, using Magento exclusively for the last 9 years.

The first time I saw Magento running on a laptop, I fell in love with it. I have to say that I was not too much involved in Open Source projects at the time. I was too deep into .net. I began to dig into PHP, Community-driven projects, and Open Source.

I decided to transform my company, but I couldn’t do it because there was too much internal pressure, legacy code and other partners goals. So I changed my approach and decided to take the hard path, to leave the company and build a new one: Interactiv4, a new eCommerce development company based on Magento services for medium and large companies and brands in Spain. I couldn’t be happier about my decision, and I am really grateful to my partner-in-crime Juan Alcantara (@jaalcant) for all his support over the last eight years, working hard together growing our company.

As part of our primary strategy to become known in the market, we decided to go to all the Magento events around the world. We couldn’t make Imagine in LA, but we went to X-Commerce Conference in San Francisco, and we met a lot of wonderful and exciting people. We also attended Developers Paradise in Ibiza, Meet Magento Germany and other minor events.

We’re talking about 2011 and 2012. From then on we tried to go to all the Magento events possible. The value of making new connections within the community, sharing knowledge and meeting talented people around eCommerce, is priceless, and became one of the primary tasks of our financial planning every year.

Since then, we had the dream of organizing our very own event. It all came about really easily: we talked to Thomas Goletz about it, and they decided to give us the green light for Meet Magento Spain. Meet Magento Spain 2014 was the first year, and we reached a level of success that was very difficult to beat in the following years: great international community attendance, excellent local content and speakers, a superb welcome by Spanish community and a exceptional number of sponsors, even though it was the first time. We knew this was only the beginning.

More events followed: Meet Magento NY (thanks to @magentogirl, @slkra, @agaltsow), Pre-Imagine, Contribution Day Madrid and Magento MeetUp Madrid.

Meet Magento is more than a group of events. If you have had the chance to attend at least at one of them, you will have experienced more than a conference, or a hackathon, or an after-party… For me it is that feeling, that unique experience, the genuine spirit of community that I want to keep in my organization, in my company, with my coworkers and partners, and very deep within my business culture.

First time as a speaker, Meet Magento The Netherlands 2012, © Ignacio Riesco Martín

For me, this new role of VP is an important challenge. My goal, along with my team-mates and fellow MM organizers, is to develop the Meet Magento Framework: a new level of guidelines, tools, assets, procedures, and methodology, to produce the perfect Magento Community Event.

Every culture and country is very different. Our goal is to nurture community spirit and reach the best quality standards, while making every event solid, financially speaking. I know this is not a simple task, and I hope all of the organizers will engage with my new position with kindness and flexibility, to help me to raise all Meet Magento Events up to the next level.

Look forward, think global, act locally

With more than 15 years of experience in organising events and sponsorships for big brands and industries around the globe (sports, retail, music, travel, internet, …) combined with my last five years in the Magento Community, I think I can be very helpful to the Meet Magento Association. I have a lot of work to do, and I will try to do my best.

Reach me at, for any comment, enquiry or question. You can also follow me on Twitter @ignacioriesco.

Thanks to the Meet Magento Association and specially to Thomas Goletz for giving me this opportunity.


We are very happy to welcome you onboard the Meet Magento Association ship, Ignacio! Looking forward to a fruitful teamwork!

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