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Paradise keeps you waiting!

We know you’re jittery waiting for Developers Paradise to explore a new country, extend your Magento skills, meet old and new friends – or to say it in familiar words: to enjoy lots of code and fun in the sun!

Believe us, we’re sad as you are. But due to different reasons Developers Paradise unfortunately won’t take place in autumn this year. Since Inchoo rolled out an excellent event in 2016 we were looking for a suitable partner who wants to organize DP. As time went by and we hadn’t a solution, we decided to organize it by ourselves. But now we must concede that there is too less time to guarantee a great, unique and perfect organized DP event that you would expect and deserve. Besides that, prices in October are very expensive on a short-term basis. We know that not all of our attendees will be paid to visit the event, so we want to offer a price that is manageable for all of you.

For sure, we’re looking for another date for Developers Paradise and keep you updated via Social Media, newsletter and on the official website. In Germany we’re usually saying “Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude” what literally means that anticipation is the best kind of joy. Bear that in mind!

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