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Preparing for the Future – Our Conference Network

Meet Magento is today the largest Magento oriented conference network worldwide. We grew from originally two single events in 2009 into a driving conference network with events in more than 35 countries. The Meet Magento Association Agency Partner Program is now the follow up to support those local communities in different local markets. The Meet Magento Association as a non-profit organization is the legal entity behind all Meet Magento activities.

So far, we have five Vice Presidents representing Meet Magento in different regions of the world. With the appointment of Prof. Sofoklis Kyriazakos as Innovation Officer in 2016 we got our first representative for a vertical task – Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs.

The quick growth of MMA during the last years showed us – especially in 2017 – our weak spots. Being a conference network as we are now needs an efficient and community-oriented structure. While we were always fully committed to that, it’s now time to push the structure to a new level; therefore, we set up a new position inside the Meet Magento Association, responsible to work out an improved structure for our conference network and a new Meet Magento framework for all conferences.

This is why we appointed Ignacio Riesco as Vice President of Meet Magento Association last week. He is a very experienced Meet Magento host, but much more important, Ignacio is more than committed to serve the Magento community. His spirit and sometimes Spanish outgoing and sparked engagement will help us to prepare Meet Magento for the coming years. His goal is to enhance the Meet Magento Framework: new guidelines, tools, assets, procedures, and methodology – everything needed to produce a perfect Meet Magento Event.

Meet Magento is happy and grateful that Ignacio is willing to take over those tasks.

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