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[Sponsored Post]How Adobe & Magento together can maximize Efficiency and Effectiveness in E-commerce

These limitations often prevent us from realizing that we can be more efficient and effective.

Buying Magento is a perfect example of how to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in e-commerce. It's just a small step and a click to bring both worlds together.

Adobe is well known for its premium multimedia and creativity software products including its Creative Cloud WEB tools for e.g. Magento Agencies. Magento is a successful, professional and globally used e-commerce platform. Both Solutions cannot be ignored in successful modern e-Commerce projects. The Creative Cloud is more commonly used in pre-deployment scenarios, such as delivering multimedia content to the e-Commerce project, than being in the customer's actual ecommerce process.

But is that still to be the future?

Let’s look a bit closer to a possible scenario which could indeed thrive to an enormous gain for the Adobe & Magento Ecosystem and ask us what could be the backing intention to this deal on a daily business, which could competitors gets a fair crack of the whip.

Both solutions are nowadays more used side by side and one after another, but where are possible conjunctions in between both solutions?

Let’s take an example from the next Mega Trend Augmented Reality and how is that Adobe Content fit into the Magento World with less than a blink of an eye. For Augmented Reality Content it is necessary to draw or to scan an object and edit this object in the Creative Cloud from Adobe. Nowadays it is a heck of work to do between drawing, segmenting and coding until it is fully functionable in Magento Frontend. No automation, simple and plain hard work and just still the object, not to speak of a scalable, configurable product. A more side by side kind of a thing. In more details spoken, it is already possible to generate automatic segmentation of 3D drawings using the Adobe solutions in Adobe Creative Suite. So far so good.

But today it still lacks the ability for e-Commerce usage, for example, to involve a third-party technology such as Three.js, WebGL, which is easy readable in any browser and virtual Reality Glasses to show it in the Frontend. This third-party technology is needed for deploying content to the Frontend Magento e-commerce world. Basic coding on cutting edge technology follows the creative part. But still after coding and deploying to the Frontend you have still just the visible Object, missing every scalability, configuration and a merging with product data. Just a simple showcase with a simple product variant.

The Magento agency, if specialized, will now add a hard-coded solution. Bringing into the showcase, intelligence, like dependencies, relations and scalability, so that the showcase is now a buyable Magento Commerce product within Magento Commerce.

The effort required to do so deters every end customer in every respect. The ROI is a long way off today and the Mega Trend Augmented Reality even more so.

But what if Adobe sees a solution to these challenges? What if this above-mentioned process can be played out automatically? Draw, map, click and buyable within seconds after the object is actually created. Online in Magento Commerce scalable, configurable and in real 3D!

If Adobe have seen that specific approach as needed for the market, than the deal is written with a farsighted and smart hand.

Imagine the cost effectiveness if in Adobe will appear a clickbutton: Export to Magento Commerce. Within the Magento Ecosystem a numerous count of high quality extensions are provided and will help even now to fill the gap between those solutions.

To marry now Adobe with Magento in an automatic mode the extension from the Magento Technology Partner XIONI AG will an indispensable added value to this. Having a long term experience in scalable and configurable data handling in e-Commerce the X-Config CIM Software from XIONI is highly recommended for 3D as for complex products relations.

We hope we could give you a short glimpse of possibilities why we think buying Magento is a perfect example of how to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in e-commerce.

This post got provided by Meet Magento Association partner Xioni. Their info graphic below shows how Adobe and Magento systems can benefit from each other - and how the acquisition is a chance to develop new business opportunities and to change the market. Find out more about the X-CONFIG CIM on Magento Marketplace!

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