Meet Magento Events Archive

  • Meet Magento India, Feb 10, 2024
    Meet Magento India is the leading eCommerce conference of Magento that is going to take place in Ahmedabad on February 10th 2024. Meet Magento is an event-series that is organized in more than 40 countries including USA, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, UAE etc. and going to take place for the 7th time in India.
  • Meet Magento Florida, Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2024
    Meet Magento Florida is planned to be a global event focused on bringing together the Adobe Commerce community; including merchants, industry leaders, technology partners, experienced developers, retailers, and service providers, as well as acclaimed Magento and Adobe Commerce professionals.
  • Meet Magento Romania, April 22, 2024
    Meet Magento Romania is back in-person. Join us in Cluj-Napoca on April 22nd to reconnect with the Magento community from Romania.
  • Meet Magento Netherlands, November 2, 2023
    Hurray, we - the new Mage-OS Nederland association - are organizing a MeetMagento Nederland. The date is November 2nd 2023. The venue and other details are still going to be determined.
  • Meet Magento Singapore, August 17, 2023
    Meet Magento Singapore, a global eCommerce event, welcomes all companies, individuals, retailers and merchants active in digital commerce, with an curious interest in how Adobe Commerce and Magento open source helps disrupt the eCommerce industry, achieve the inconceivable, and assist businesses in registering massive and surmounting growth. Join seasoned Magento Commerce professionals, experienced developers, ambitious merchants and other technology partners in an insightful and reimagine future of Digital Commerce.
  • Meet Magento UK, July 18, 2023
    Meet Magento UK is the UK's largest community-hosted eCommerce event for merchants, developers and technology partners working with Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.
  • Meet Magento Romania, May 8, 2023
    Meet Magento Romania is back in-person. Join us in Cluj-Napoca on May 8th to reconnect with the Magento community from Romania.